Friday, October 15, 2010

Birth control advertisement for the non-parent.


Is your biological clock ticking away? When you see children playing, do you sigh blissfully? Do you have no business being a parent?

Then look no further than the most effective form

of birth control known to the human species: My Children!

In just twelve hours, my children will banish all maternal blemishes,

shrink sperm counts, and make you think a little more soberly

when looking at hot tubs. Just listen to these people’s reviews of my products:

“Uncle!” - My Mother-in-Law

“I’m never kissing a boy again.” - My last babysitter.

“So that’s how the peanut butter got on the ceiling....” - The Good Husband

As you can see, these two children are the most effective forms of birth control. Forget pills, potions, cycle monitoring....

My two children are all you need.

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