Sunday, August 18, 2013

Din Mutha Moves on.

I'm moving back home, folks. I'm leaving OurSalon and Open Salon for my own blog. I just want to be a little autonomous. Can ya dig it?
I can now blog from my phone, which will make it a little easier to shit out a bunch of thoughts on the go. Good? I hope so. 

K.  We hiked today. We took our family portraits today. The children were sweet and helpful and polite an we got one good picture where they weren't killing each other. This is it. 

This is my brood. 

Yup. We are badasses.

This made me warm and fuzzy in that tough-enough kind of way. This is our Christmas card.

Then I saw this pic.

These damned giraffes had our idea. But yanno what? We got a waterfall ::TRRRRRUMP::