Sunday, November 15, 2015

Three people.

The attacks in Beirut, Paris, Kenya, et. Al. has me feeling a bit unraveled. It makes me unsettled down to my gray matter with a sense of disconnected unease.

This week seems to have ruffled the feathers of humanity. But this has always been, I'm reminded. This torment is chronic throughout humanity's history. 

But this is happening now

Equal parts crippling and hopeful, we the spawn of past offenses are given the torch in which we have the power to affect our environment. 

Don't change the world, people. That task is insurmountable for one alone. You cannot feed every hungry mouth or inspire every person hell-bent on damaging another. 

But you can help a few. 

Over the last few days, I've reached out to a few acquaintances. It's nothing big, just a little note to tell them just how valuable they are to me, to their community, to the greater humanity. 

If I made just three people feel better and realize just a little scrap of their worth that's good enough for me. But how others respond to me is not my concern. My hope, maybe. 

Here's my request: Reach out to three people and give them your affection and respect. 

That's it. Just say "thanks" or "you're valid and important" or whatever to three people. 

Perhaps this might not affect the world, but it will affect your world and maybe someone else's. 

Simple. Compassion. Value in humanity. 

Sometimes that makes all the difference.

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